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The NovaThin Advantage

NovaThin cores are current mainstays in a wide variety of leading consumer products, including feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, baby diapers, and pet care products. They are also used in specialty medical and packaging applications where absorbency and hygiene are key attributes.

NovaThin cores are distinguished among competitors for their high quality, superior shipping logistics, and ease of product integration.

  • Superior absorbency. NovaThin cores incorporate specialty fluff pulp, super absorbent polymers and tissue to create an innovative airlaid product that isn't dependent on latex or thermobonding agents.  The result: a 100% absorbent structure.
  • Ultrathin, yet ultra-soft. Our unique NovaThin process allows us to produce the thinnest absorbent airlaid core on the market without sacrificing any softness. This translates into greater cost savings and expanded design possibilities for our customers. 
  • Better shipping logistics. With its ultrathin profile, NovaThin material packages more efficiently than competing airlaid products, resulting in an average 50% more product in the same size shipping container.  This translates into significant transportation cost savings, allowing us to service our international customers at competitive delivered costs.
  • Superior product quality and consistency. Manufacturing expertise, state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to consistently delivering a top quality product set us apart from our competitors. EAM Corporation has been ISO 9001 certified and is currently actively focused on achieving Six Sigma standards.
  • Exceptional customer service. We stake our reputation on every product we create, and every customer we serve.  At EAM, the NovaThin process doesn't end when you receive your order: we stand by our products, responding to customer questions promptly and putting you directly in touch with people who can address your concerns.

NovaThin absorbent materials deliver strong advantages to any innovative product portfolio.  From start to finish, NovaThin is today's airlaid core of choice.

Contact us today to learn more about how NovaThin can be used to enhance the performance of your product line.


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